We have gone to considerable lengths to digitise most of the manuals (flight/parts/maintenance etc.) for Sukhoi, Yak and Nanchang aircraft, plus for the AI-14, M-14 and HS-6 engines. As a service to owners, we give access to the manuals without any charge (unlike others!!).

Digitising the SU-29 maintenance manuals.

One significant manual that we have not digitised is the maintenance manual for the Sukhoi 29, although we do have the original Su-29 maintenance manuals books.

There are 2 principal books of approximately 820 A4 pages plus 48 fold out pages of diagrams, totaling approximately 925 A4 pages.   We asked our local company, who have digitised many of the manuals we offer, and the quote to digitise them was £720 (Euro 825, US$ 900), which we could not justify since we give access to download these manuals for free. But If there are sufficient people who would like access to these manuals and are willing to contribute towards digitising them, we would do so and then add them to our list of free manuals.  Please let us know if this is of interest.

List of manuals currently available:

The manuals we have available are listed below. Please email us at and let us know which ones you would like and we will send you the link to download them.

M14P engine:

  • M-14P Manual – original Russian translation
  • Parts Manual

HS-6A engine:

  • HS-6A Maintenance manual (as images)
  • HS-6A Volume 4 Parts Catalogue

M462-RF engine:

  • Technical Description, Servicing and Maintenance

AI-14 engine:

  • AI-14 Parts Catalogue
  • AI-14 Technical Description
  • Carburettor adjustment instructions


  • SU-26M Flight Manual
  • SU-26MX Flight Manual
  • SU-29 Illustrated Parts Catalogue
  • SU-29 Maintenance Schedule
  • SU-29 Flight Manual
  • SU-31X Flight Manual
  • SU-31X Maintenance Schedule


  • Yak-18T Flight Manual
  • Yak-18T Airplane Maintenance Schedule
  • Yak-18T Description
  • Yak-18T Operating Instructions
  • Yak-18T Parts Catalogue (in Russian)
  • Yak-18T Checklist
  • Yak-50 Flight Manual (German translation)
  • Yak-50 Flight Manual
  • Yak-50 Maintenance Schedule
  • Yak-50 Technical Description
  • Yak-52 POH Flight Manual
  • Yak-52 Parts Catalogues (2)
  • Yak-52 Maintenance Manual
  • Yak-52 Operations Manual
  • Scheduled Maintenance Manual for Yak-52 aircraft with M14P engine
  • Yak-55M Flight Manual 1992
  • Yak-55 Flight Manual 2014
  • Yak-55 Technical Description
  • Yak-55 Maintenance Schedule
  • Yak-55 Maintenance Manual part 1-5
  • Yak-9 Flight Manual
  • Yak-9 Maintenance Manual
  • Yak-9 Description and Operating Manual
  • Yak-9 Sport Aircraft Description and Operating Instructions Manual
  • Yak-3 Aircraft Technical Description
  • Yak-3 Aircraft Maintenance Manual
  • Yak-12 Flight Manual
  • Yak-12 Operations Manual (translated from Polish)
  • Yak-12 Repair Manual (in Russian)
  • Yak-12M & 12R Maintenance and Operations Manual (in Russian)


  • CJ-6 Parts Book, volume 1-5
  • CJ-6 Maintenance Manual (as images)
  • CJ-6 Overhaul Manual (as images)
  • CJ-6 Technical Specifications for Service
  • CJ-6 Condition Inspection form (C. Payne)

V-530 Propeller:

  • Maintenance Manual in English
  • Maintenance Manual in Russian
  • Maintenance Manual in German